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Sunwoda, established in 1997, is a hitech enterprise which focuses on the research, design, manufacture, sales of Liion battery module. As a leading supplier for liion battery module, Sunwoda is committed to providing customers with safe, durable and green energy products.
Sunwoda’s li-ion battery product covers li-ion batteries for mobile phone, mp3/mp4,, digital camera, laptopnetbook, electronic paper book, power-driven tool, industrial mobile lighting, and medical equipment, etc. Sunwoda is also expanding its products to battery modules for electric bicycle, electric car and energy storage solution.
Sunwodas li-ion battery and solutions are highly appraised by hign-end and mid-end clients in IT industry wordwide.
Through continuous innovation in battery industry and customer-oriented services, Sunwoda aims to create greater value for our customers. Sunwoda also strives to create greater value for its employees and shareholders, and shares more social responsibilities through efforts in green energy.

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